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Our wedding videos are handcrafted to match our couple's personalities.  No two couples are the same and therefore neither are our videos.  Our films are dynamic, story-driven, and emotional from start to finish.  From the laughter of the wedding party breaking it down on the dance floor to the emotional first look to even the subtle glances to each other in the middle of the ceremony... we capture it all and use it to fuel your story.

DJ Victoriouss Throws The Best Party Yet - His Wedding!

We cannot express what a privilege it was to capture Bianca & Vic's beautiful wedding day. From the moment we walked in to Vic's for groom prep, to the dance floor at the end of the night that was packed - we truly felt the energy and sense of togetherness from everyone surrounding them. Every moment of the day was a stand-out moment, and I still get chills listening to the speeches. It's truly a joy to be able to tell their story. We know that these two will move mountains together.

From Lab Partners To Life Partners

There are not enough words to describe how perfect Ashley and Cody are for one another and you could see that through the looks that they shared on their wedding day and the way they acted around each other. We love how natural and candid everything turned out and it's definitely a reflection of the "chemistry" that they share. They met at the University of Windsor where they studied Chemistry, and it was so incredibly special to return back to the place that they fell in love on their wedding day - truly a full circle moment. We wish these two all the best!

Heartfelt Wedding Video That Will Move You

Jaeleen and Corey's wedding day was one filled with all of the magic you find on a wedding day. They changed their venue in light of the weather not looking great for that weekend and ended up where they were meant to be - and the rain held out for the entire ceremony! This wedding was a perfect representation of their personalities as they made it so unique to them. From the special surprise dances, the flower men, the stunning decor lovingly crafted by those closest to them - you could feel how much attention and love they truly put into their day. Their personal vows blew us away and truly show the depth and foundation of a loving marriage. The speeches were also the perfect representation of everyone coming together to celebrate Jaeleen and Corey and the uniting of two families.

Love + Tradition - Chinese Tea Ceremony Preceded By Wedding at Sprucewood

Jessica & Winston began their day with a beautiful Chinese tea ceremony. This was so special and really set the tone of the day for the uniting of two families. Generations of tradition were tied together with their love story through the exchange of tea with their families as well as the groom challenges and games played. Their nuptials & reception at Sprucewood were filled with emotion, powerful speeches, and lots of laughter!

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